New OLC Feature Grants Directors More Control

Written by Behrman House Staff, 21 of April, 2015
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We've all experienced the forgotten password dilemma. Thanks to a new feature in the Online Learning Center, educators now have the power to reset passwords!

Now when Educational Directors select the view all option in the members tab a new 'Reset Password' option is available. 

When a student's password is reset a one-time password will automatically be generated for the student to access and reset their password. 

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This new feature is available now for Educational Directors only. 

Need additional assistance? You can find our user guides here or call customer support at 973-379-7200. 

We are always at work making the Online Learning Center work better for you. Your comments help -- simply click the green "Feedback" button from any page in the OLC and let us know about your experiences and any new features that would improve your experience. 

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