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In this dramatic PowerPoint presentation, the Birkat Shalom is broken down line-by-line with text in Hebrew and English...
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A five-module downloadable curriculum by singer-songwriter Rick Recht that explores how music, media, and technology...
At the Urban Adamah farm, chickens are treated with respect and care during their lives and their slaughter. This is in contrast to factory poultry operations, where chickens are often indoors and caged their entire lives, fed processed feed and...
By Nathan Weiner As a bat mitzvah present, Sophie's parents surprised her and her older brother Gabriel with a trip to Israel. Sophie could barely contain her excitement. Sophie was overwhelmed when she first saw its beautiful wall, but as she...
by Nathan Weiner Sharon and Jacklyn have been in a relationship for nearly 20 years. But when they met with the Rabbi to plan for their daughter’s bat mitzvah, the rabbi informed them that since Sharon and Jacklyn were not technically married...