URJ Press Not Yet Cleared for Sale Titles

Curricular Series:

Parashat Hashavuah: All Parashat Hashavuah booklets are cleared.

Mitkadem: All Mitkadem print materials titles have been cleared and are available for purchase from Behrman House. Digital versions of Mitkadem have not been cleared.

Chai: Some of the CHAI curricular materials have been cleared and are currently available for purchase from Behrman House while others are not yet cleared for sale. Generally speaking, materials for CHAI levels 1-6 are cleared, while level 7 and the Israel strand are not. Please click here to see the available CHAI titles and see the list below for titles that are not yet cleared for sale.

Not Yet Cleared for Sale from Behrman House (This list is updated daily)

Title Author URJ Product Number BH Product Number Comments
The Alef-Bet of Blessing   101094 U015  
America: The Jewish Experience Sondra Leiman & Jonathan D. Sarna 123938 U024  
The Atlas of Great Jewish Communities: A Voyage Through Jewish History   123941 U034  
Bible Legends: An Introduction to Midrash, Vol. 1: Genesis   123050 U047  
Bible Legends: An Introduction to Midrash, Vol. 2: Exodus   123060 U048  
The Big Book of Great Teaching Ideas   571205 U052  
The Big Book of Terrific Teaching Ideas   571305 U053  
The Book of the Jewish Life   121712 U056  
The Book of the Jewish Year   101068 U058  
Bridge to Prayer, Vol. 2   123596 U062  
A Candle for Grandpa   123070 U066  
CHAI: Israel Strand Curriculum Core   410450 U074  
CHAI: Israel Strand Workbook Level 1   410451 U075  
CHAI: Israel Strand Workbook Level 2   410452 U076  
CHAI: Israel Strand Workbook Level 3   410453 U077  
CHAI: Israel Strand Workbook Level 4   410454 U078  
CHAI: Israel Strand Workbook Level 5   410455 U079  
CHAI: Israel Strand Workbook Level 6   410456 U080  
CHAI: Israel Strand Workbook Level 7   410457 U081  
CHAI: Level 1 Teacher's Kit   410390 U086  
CHAI: Level 7 Student Workbook: Avodah   410252 U101 Revised Edition Available
CHAI: Level 7 Student Workbook: G'milut Chasadim   410253 U102 Revised Edition Available
CHAI: Level 7 Student Workbook: Torah Strand   410251 U103 Revised Edition Available
Choosing Judaism (Revised Edition)   101305 U143  
Come, Let Us be Joyful! The Story of Hava Nagila   101073 U144  
A Congregation of Learners   243873 U146  
Duties of the Soul: The Role of Commandments in Liberal Judaism   166003 U154  
Emma Ansky-Levine and Her Mitzvah Machine   123933 U156  
Every Person's Guide to Judaism   14261 U161  
A Faithful Heart: Preparing for the High Holidays   381778 U163  
Finding Words Study Guide (e-book) Merle Feld 571510 U168  
The Gender Gap   467902 U175  
Good Morning, Good Night Poster   658753 U186  
The Great Balancing Act: A High School Ethics Curriculum Michele Shapiro Abraham 103105 U188  
Here Come the Purim Players!   101251 U198  
I Learn About God   101970 U206  
I Love Jewish Faces   571220 U207 Fully revised edition coming in 2018
Inside Intermarriage   382800 U212 Revised edition available
Introduction to Judaism: A Source Book (Revised)   381751 U213  
Introduction to Judaism: Facilitator's Guide and Curriculum   208047 U214  
Investigating Israel   516800 U215  
An Invitation to Shabbat: A Beginner's Guide to Weekly Celebration   386501 U217  
The Jewish Home (Revised Edition)   142620 U223 Updated edition available
Jewish U: A Contemporary Guide for the Jewish College Student (Revised Edition)   243877 U227  
Judaism and Spiritual Ethics   166001 U232  
Kulanu: All of Us   571211 U233  
Life, Faith, and Cancer   516786 U242  
The Fairy Matzah Ball   101070 U257  
Mishlei: A Modern Commentary on Proverbs Leonard S. Kravitz & Kerry M. Olitzky 381761 U006  
The Mitzvah of Healing: An Anthology of Essays, Jewish Texts, Personal Stories, Meditations and Rituals   381903 U360  
Money Matters: Middle School Module Student Workbook   410411 U363  
MoneyMatters: Middle School Module Teacher's Guide   410410 U364  
My Jewish Holiday Fun Book Ann D. Koffsky 101983 U369  
My Jewish World: An Early Childhood Music Curriculum   301786    
My Synagogue Scrapbook Hara E. Person & Faye Tillis Lewy z"l 164065 U373  
Our Sacred Texts: Discovering the Jewish Classics   123936 U386  
The Purim Costume   101312 U477  
Resilience of the Soul: Developing Emotional and Spiritual Resilience in Adolescents and Their Families   516820 U489  
Sacred Choices: Adolescent Relationships and Sexual Ethics (High School Module)   540551 U494  
Sacred Choices: Adolescent Relationships and Sexual Ethics (Middle School Module)   540550 U495  
Sefer Ha-Aggadah: The Book of Legends For Young Readers Seymour Rossel 104033 U502  
Seek Her Out: A Textual Approach to the Study of Women and Judaism   387581 U500  
Songs for a Jewish Head Start   301787    
Sophie and the Shofar   101078 U520  
Swords and Plowshares: Jewish Views of War and Peace   146070 U523  
That You May Live Long: Caring for Our Aging Parents, Caring for Ourselves   123945 U538  
To Honor and Respect: A Program and Resource Guide for Congregations on Sacred Aging   103700 U544  
Torah Alive! Parent Connection   101451 U549  
Torah the Growing Gift   123939 U551  
A Vision of Holiness: The Future of Reform Judaism   301501 U560  
Where is Grandpa Dennis?   103300 U567  
Who Knows Ten? Children's Tales of the Ten Commandments (Revised)   102551 U569  


Unfortunately there are some titles that we do not expect to be able to sell. Below you will find a complete list of titles that will not be sold by Behrman House. If you find a title you were looking for on this list please contact us and we will help you find a suitable title to replace it.

Title URJ Product No. BH Product No. Comments
Adult B'Nei Mitzvah 381591 U014  
America Jewish Experience Teacher's Guide 208034    
An Artist You Don't Have To Be! A Jewish Arts and Crafts book 168504 U026  
Ani Tefilati Teacher's Guide 208043 U029  
Bible Stories Vol 1      
Bible Stories Vol 2      
Bible Work and Play, Vol 3 103640    
Bridge to Our Tradition Teacher's Guide 208060 U061  
Bridge to Prayer Vol 1 123594 U063  
Chanukah Activity Book, The 101253 U120  
Congregation of Learners 208042 U145  
Drugs, Sex, and Integrity  168505 U153  
Engaging Generation Aleph 280065 U157  
Faithful Spirit, A 281779 U164  
First Steps: A Manual for Introductory Education Programs for Interfaith Families 280068 U169  
For One Another: Jewish Organizations That Help Us All 141420 U170  
Fun With Jewish Holiday Rhymes 101981 U173  
Galilee Diary 549601 U174  
Gates of Torah Volume 1 590112    
Hear O Israel Book 1 101081 U193  
Hear O Israel Book 3 101083 U194  
Hello Are You There God Teacher's Guide 208048 U197  
High Holy Day Do It Yourself Dictionary 101100 U199  
Holiday Work and Play 101961 U201  
Jerusalem Mystery, A 123943 U219  
Jewish Response to Cults, A 571209 U226  
Jewish Views of God      
Joseph's Wardrobe 123924 U228  
Judaica: Lulav and Etrog 190000    
Let There Be Lights! 102007 U236  
Liberal Judaism at Home 383110 U283  
Like a Maccabee 102564 U244  
Lirdof Tzedek: A Guide To Synagogue Social Action 167278 U245  
Listen to the Trees 104064 U247  
Listen to the Trees Teacher's Guide 208038 U247  
Love in Your Life: A Jewish View of Teenage Sexuality 142685 U250  
My First 100 Hebrew Words 101716 U368  
Olam Gadol Series: Bet Reader 405252 U381  
Our Land of Israel 12727 U384  
Our Land of Israel Teacher's Guide 108037 U385  
Perfect Prayer, A 243876 U473  
Portraits of Schooling 243876    
Project Manginot: Guidelines for Music Education 241150 U476  
Reaching Godward: Voices from Jewish Spiritual Guidance 142612 U481  
Repairing My World: The Responsibilities of a Jewish Adult Leader's Guide 160512 U484  
Repairing My World: The Responsibilities of a Jewish Adult Parent Guide 160511 U485  
Repairing My World: The Responsibilities of a Jewish Adult Student Book 160510 U466  
Repairing our World 571307 U487  
Seder Activity Book, The 101097 U499  
Sex in the Texts Teacher's Guide 168507 U508  
Shofar That Lost It's Voice 103500 U516  
Shrinking Circle: Memories of Nazi Berlin, 1933 - 39 147501 U517  
Start Worrying 160002    
Still Small Voice: Reflection on Being A Jewish Man 467903 U521  
Thousand and One Chickens, A 123940 U540  
Time to Prepare (Revised Edition) 243872 U543  
Unfolding Tradition, The 111130    
Until The Messiah Comes 140073 U557  
When Living Hurts (Revised) 145231 U565  
When There Is No Other Alternative: A Spiritual Guide for Jewish Couples Contemplating Divorce 164056 U566  
Who Will Lead Kiddush? 102000 U570  
Working With Interfaith Couples: A Guide for Facilitators 280059 U571