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My Kids Are My Best Testers

I was pleasantly surprised how helpful it was to just watch my kids use early versions of my programs. I could quickly tell when I had an issue that needed to be addressed because my kids got stuck or would say, “Daddy, this is stupid!” I also could tell when I was doing something right, because my kids wanted to play over and over again.

Flash & Me

Behrman House Goes To Notre Dame

What Behrman House, University of Notre Dame and your organization all have in common.

Which digital direction is right for your school?

It can be tough to pick a direction for your educational program’s digital future. One of the first decisions you need to make is whether to jump into the deep end and invest in a full platform—a multi-app solution which can be used for multiple years—or just dip your toes in the shallow by selecting a few stand-alone apps and programs.