Building Jewish Identity Digital Companion

Explore the building blocks of Jewish identity as the pages of the book come alive with this multi-media supplement.

In Volume 1, view the Western Wall in Jerusalem through live video captured by the Kotel camera, play Ulpan Alef Interactive games and Click-n-Read activities with the Shema, have students share ideas on a virtual bulletin board, watch Seth Rogan learn to say “Shalom,” and play Tanach Jeopardy right on your screen.

In Volume 2, students will learn about the Jewish calendar and life cycle by watching music videos and slideshows, playing video games, counting the days in Hebrew, developing digital family trees, and designing a mezuzah with an online paint app.

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The virtual textbook requires Adobe Reader (free download) and has a built-in teachers guide including suggestions for how to utilize each of the interactive elements with your students.