Curriculum Materials

CHAI Curriculum 

(NOTE: Levels 1, 2, and 7 each have three separate workbooks that are integral for each strand; for other levels the strands are combined into a single workbook.)

Level 1 Curriculum Core                            *U082            

Student Workbook Torah                            * U085            

Student Workbook Avodah                          *U083          

Student Workbook G’milut Chasadim           *U084            


Level 2 Curriculum Core                             *U087            

Student Workbook Torah                             *U090           

Student Workbook Avodah                          *U088            

Student Workbook G’milut Chasadim           *U089            


Level 3 Curriculum Core                              *U092           

Student Workbook                                       *U093          


Level 4 Curriculum Core                               *U094          

Student Workbook                                        *U095           


Level 5 Curriculum Core                               *U096          

Student Workbook                                        *U097         


Level 6 Curriculum Core                                *U098          

Student Workbook                                         *U099           


Level 7 Curriculum Core                                *U100         

Revised Student Workbook Torah                   *U111        

Revised Student Workbook Avodah                 *U112       

Revised Student Workbook G’milut Chasadim  *U113         


Parent and Family Education Materials

For many families, the entrance into Jewish life and the synagogue begins when their children are at the preschool level. To help Jewish parents address their questions, and to enable them to create a Jewish home environment, CHAI offers early childhood parent education lessons on topics such as bedtime rituals, morning rituals, tzedakah, and transitioning from preschool to kindergarten that can be taught by anyone in your congregation.

CHAI Parents: Early Childhood Parent Education  *U105 

CHAI Parent Education  *U104 


CHAI Jewish Family Education: Shabbat and Holidays

Also available in CHAI are complete sessions for parents and children of grades two through seven learning together, and a Shabbat workbook for parents to enhance every family Shabbat table.

Volume 1  *U106

Topics include: Shabbat, the High Holy Days, Chanukah, Passover, and Yom HaAtzma-ut

Volume 2  *U107 

Topics include: Reform Judaism, Torah, preserving the Earth, g'milut chasadim, and showing kavod/respect

Shabbat Family Workbook  *U109



We regret that the CHAI Israel strand is not available for sale, because of certain copyright issues.