Frogs in the Bed

For Passover 2014

Keep kids focused on the seder


"One morning when Pharaoh awoke in bed, there were frogs in the bed and frogs on his head . . ."

Favorite Passover song is now a book!

Frogs in the Bed, My Passover Seder Activity Book

by Ann D. Koffsky, based on the song by Shirley Cohen Steinberg

Build excitement for the Passover seder, and then follow along during the seder. Frogs in the Bed is built around key moments in the seder to encourage young children to participate, no matter which haggadah you use.

  • Sing along to "One morning (The Frog Song)
  • Explore seder plate symbols
  • Recite the Four Questions
  • Munch some matzoh shapes
  • Solve the aifikomen maze
  • Welcome Elijah with a sparkly cup
  • Plus: make your own jumping frog!
  • Sheet music included

ISBN 978-0-87441-913-9

$ 7.95

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