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"Frogs in the Bed starts out with a contagiously singable story / song (one of our favourites around here!), followed by activities for several sections of the seder (including the full Four Questions), and a fun 3-page comic in place of the regular story"

Adventures in Mama-Land

"Young kids will have fun with the frolicking frogs in a book that also includes a comic book story and activities for before or during the Seder. Koffsky’s colorful, cartoon-like illustrations animate the song. Cute frogs turn up everywhere Pharaoh goes. They also pop up out of chandeliers and juggle fruit.

The book includes the Four Questions, as well as mazes and other Seder-related distractions. An easy set of instructions with shapes to trace lets kids make their own jumping froggy. The sheet music is included."

Arizona Jewish PostMarch 26, 2014

"At age 87, Shirley Cohen Steinberg celebrated a new chapter in her life—publishing her first children’s book, Frogs In The Bed in 2014. A unique combination of storybook and Passover Seder activity book, it is based on her popular Passover song “One Morning,” known to most as “The Frog Song.” The book, delightfully illustrated and co-written by Ann Koffsky, is symbolic of Steinberg’s lifetime involvement in and love of languages, Jewish music, and education."

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