Mitkadem Curriculum


Ramah 1 and Ramah 2 are teacher-directed, with a combination of independent study and group work. Designed for students in grades 2-4 who are beginning Hebrew study.

Ramah 3 introduces students to the Mitkadem system and to a self-paced, self-directed Hebrew learning program.

Ramot 4-23 cover Hebrew vocabulary, reading practice, grammar, and concepts related to the particular prayer or set of prayers. For grades 4-7. 

Click here for a chart of the prayers and concepts of each Ramah.

Hebrew Helpers Kit

For Ramah 1 and 2 workbooks. The kit contains:

1    Alef Advancer (Hebrew learning tool)
5   Learning Strips for the Alef Advancer
1   Hebrew letter and vowel chart
32  Hebrew alef-bet flash cards
10  Hebrew vowel flash cards
4    "What's the Difference?" letter puzzles

Mitkadem Plus: Script Workbook

Introduces script writing to the Mitkadem system.

Mitkadem Plus: Welcome Back Workbook

This full-color workbook provides teachers with the perfect way to get students back into the swing of things at the start of the school year.  It includes a review of letters, vowels, and Reading Rules, as well as answer pages for self-checking.

Mitkadem Digital

Designed for self-pacing using online materials that can be accessed anywhere, any time, Mitkadem Digital helps provide learning materials for home or extra class time, and even outside religious school itself. Ideal for extra practice, using exercises that exactly match the printed booklets, Mitkadem Digital is also perfect for tutorials and even independent, self-paced online learning, and allows you to serve students who can’t get to your building.

Now in the Online Learning Center (OLC), each 12-month license for Mitkadem Digital gives a student access to the online versions of all Ramot 3-23. Each license is renewable yearly, so students will be able to go back and review work done in previous years.

The OLC edition matches the printed ramot page for page. Access to all the ramot is through a single menu, so students can pace themselves during the year. Students receive automatic, immediate feedback on all fixed-answer exercises; they can screen-print answers to open-ended questions to send to the teacher. The digital edition tracks student log ins to each ramah, counts their visits, and provides the date of latest log in. Teachers will have access to this tracking on a real time basis using their own OLC accounts.The OLC edition of Mitkadem Digital is available separately from the printed ramot.