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Mitkadem: Ramah 1 &2 Teacher’s Guide

Mitkadem: Ramah 3-6 Teacher’s Guide

Mitkadem: Ramah 7-9 Teacher’s Guide

Mitkadem: Ramah 10-12 Teacher’s Guide

Mitkadem:  Ramah 13-15 Teacher’s Guide

Mitkadem: Ramah 16-18 Teacher’s Guide

Mitkadem: Ramah 19-21 Teacher’s Guide

Mitkadem: Ramah 22-23 Teacher’s Guide


Mitkadem Teacher Training
A lesson for educators to use to train their teachers about Mitkadem.

Mitkadem Implementation Guide
This guide will assist you in implementation of the Mitkadem program by providing you with wisdom from those who have been using the program, offering alternatives for implementation, and providing necessary information for both the administrator and teachers of the program.

My Goals for You
This form helps teachers communicate with each learner and set expectations for a period of learning.

I've Got a Question
This worksheet enables students to focus and articulate their questions without interrupting the teacher’s engagement with other children.

Classroom Update Form 
Thank you to Tami Schoen for sharing this form

Free Fall Review Activities 
These worksheets will help your students to review what they learned last year when they return to school this fall.

Ramah Postcards 
Send these postcards home when a student completes a ramah. Thanks to Dennis Niekro for creating and sharing them!

Introducing Mitkadem to Families: A Family Education Program Outline 
Developed by Kitty Wolf, this sample Family Education lesson can be used to introduce the Mitkadem program to parents and children.

Student Motivation Tools