Back To School Ideas: Icebreakers For the First Day of School

Written by Jessica Gurtman, 11 of August, 2011
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It’s back to school time! As you unpack your shipments of Behrman House books and prepare your bulletin boards and classrooms, here are some resources that will help you transition students into the upcoming school year.

One great icebreaker for getting classmates to interact is taking personality quizzes. Have students take this quiz about their greatest strengths and let classmates get to know each other. Students will discover how their outlook on life can connect to their Jewish identity.

You can also help new students (and returning ones) relieve back-to-school anxiety with this lesson about a girl who goes to boarding school for the first time.  Learn about how this experience helped her value participating in a Jewish community.

Another great activity (and possible bulletin board decoration) is scrapbooking. Students can create a scrapbook (or just one scrapbook page) with memories from their past summer or create an about me page to share. You can use these scrapbook pages to segue into studying Jewish history.

And, best of all, every one of these activities has a corresponding lesson plan. Feel free to pass this along to your teachers, so they can have a great first day activity with their students.