There's Still Time to Save on Haggadot

Written by Behrman House Staff, 21 of March, 2016
Get Your Haggadot From Bed Bath and Beyond this Passover

There's just one week left to save on Passover haggadot! Now through March 31, take an extra five percent off on haggadot, on top of your regular discounts, and get free shipping* on orders of 50 books or more! You can mix and match any of the titles below to get to 50 books. 

Haggadah Sale Titles Include:

by Rebecca Redner

Perfect for:
- Families with children of all abilities and disabilities
- Families with children of all ages

- More than 70 vibrant photographs of children of all abilities and disabilities participating in seder
- Presents over 150 picture communication symbols developed by Mayer-Johnson™
- 30-minute seder

Special Features:
- Easy to hold
- Respectful to all participants
- Mayer-Johnson™ is the leading creator of symbol-adapted special education materials to assist individuals in overcoming their speech, language, and learning challenges
-Downloadable Educator's Guide 

by Ann D. Koffsky

Perfect for:
- Families with young children

- Humorously illustrated version of the popular seder song "One Morning (The Frog Song)" followed by activities that connect children to touchpoints in the seder
- Build excitement before the Passover seder and follow along during the seder,
no matter which haggadah you use

Special Features:
- Encourages children's active participation and helps them understand the seder
- Includes Passover crafts and activities
- Sheet music to "One Morning (The Frog Song)" included.

by Dena Neusner, illustrations by Julie Wohl

Perfect for:
- Families with children of all ages
- Intergenerational seders
- Those new to hosting Passover

- 48 color pages
- 30-60 minute seder

Special Features:
- Quick and easy to follow
- Planning guide included
- Links to additional resources and recipes online
- Seder transliterated Hebrew encourages participation
- Hebrew provided for all blessings

A Seder for All Generations
by Elie Gindi

Perfect for:
- Families with young children
- Congregational family seders

- 40 color pages
- 30-45 minute seder

Special Features:
- Large format, open layout
- Quick and easy to follow
- Plagues illustrated in a light-hearted, child-friendly way
- Includes The Frog Song and Bang, Bang, Bang
- Transliteration of all blessings and songs encourages participation
- Some Hebrew provided

A Family Haggadah
by Rabbi Dr. John Levy and Naomi Tippett

Perfect for:
- Families with elementary school children
- Model seders
- Congregational family seders

- 64 color pages
- Flexible time commitment --Vary the length of your seder from 30 minutes to 2 hours

Special Features:
- Illustrated with beautiful collages and flowers created by schoolchildren
- Annotations explain the rituals to foster understanding
- Optional discussion questions
- Hebrew provided throughout
- Blessings transliterated
- Ten pages of songs, with Hebrew, English, and transliteration
- Companion website lets you hear the songs

by Mordecai Kaplan, Eugene Kohn, and Ira Eisenstein

Perfect for:
- Teenagers, young adults, adults
- Youth group, college group seders
- Interfaith seders
- Those who prefer a gender-neutral haggadah that includes some modern rituals

- 112 black and white pages
- 90 minute seder

Special Features:
- Revised and updated version of reconstructionist classic The New Haggadah
- Broad themes of slavery and freedom in modern as well as biblical times
- Unique American view of the Passover liberation theme
- Vignettes of Jews during the Civil War, the Civil Rights movement, and Operation Exodus
- 20 pages of songs, including Who Knows One
- Hebrew throughout
- Some blessings and songs transliterated

by Chaim Stern

Perfect for:
- Adults
- Those who prefer a traditional seder

- 128 black and white pages
- 90+ minute seder

Special Features:
- Traditional seder
- Over 130 commentaries, quotes, and anecdotes--with their sources--to foster discussion
- Clearly marked sections help you shorten the service
- Music for 16 blessings and songs allow musical accompaniment
- Hebrew throughout, often matched line-by-line with English translation
- Songs and selected blessings transliterated

Perfect for:
- Brief second night seder
- A guide to preparing for Passover
- An introduction to the Passover seder for those who have never held them before

- Six-page laminated, color folder
- 15-30 minute seder

Special Features:
- A complete seder in 15 clearly presented steps
- List of supplies
- Directions for composing your seder plate
- All blessings in Hebrew, English, and transliteration
- Online links to hear blessings and songs sung in Hebrew

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*Note: Free shipping on these titles only. Offer expires March 31, 2016. Discounts are for congregations and bookstores only. Free shipping applies to regular UPS ground orders. Expedited shipping will carry a charge. Duties, customs fees, and other charges still apply to Canadian orders.