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Jewish Holiday Treasure Trail

ISBN: 978-0-87441-833-0
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Grade level: 2 - 3
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Your young students will join Daniel and his Israeli cousin, Rivkah, as they learn together about the Jewish holidays. In this fantasy adventure, the cousins - whom your students first met in The Great Israel Scavenger Hunt - learn from Elijah the prophet as they travel through time and space and encounter people and places as old as the Bible and as new as modern Israel!

At the ancient Temple, they witness the Hanukkah miracle of the oil. Right before Passover, they cross the Sea of Reeds with the Children of Israel. Seven weeks later, they stand at Mount Sinai as the Ten Commandments are given to the Israelites.

The rich array of more than 75 full-color photos, 50 playful illustrations, and a dozen classic Jewish legends and stories are sure to delight students. Eighteen colorful holiday stickers, which students can affix to a beautifully illustrated Treasure Trail map, and a Certificate of Achievement give students tangible evidence of their progress, motivating them and giving them a sense of accomplishment.

Readers - and their families - are invited to go online and explore for holiday games and activities to share, and holiday dictionaries, blessings and word puzzles to print out. Download and send home a Letter to Parentsto encourage them to visit the website with their children and extend the learning further.

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