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Explorer's Bible 2 Lesson Plan Manual

ISBN: 978-0-87441-934-4
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Grade level: 3 - 5
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24 ready-to-use lesson plans of approximately 50 minutes each make teacher preparation for using The Explorer's Bible Volume 2: From Sinai to the Nation of Israel quick and easy.


  • "Experiential Learning"--dynamic, authentic activities that transform students from passive learners to engaged participants
  • "The Tech Connections"--creative ways to use the Internet, Web pages, and Wikispaces to deepen students' understanding
  • "Assessments"--guiding questions and answers for teachers to assess learning outcomes
  • "Wrapping it Up"--valuable strategies that stimulate student reflection on each chapter's content

The Explorer's Bible Volume 2 Lesson Plan Manual is part of a five-volume series of 40-50 minute lesson plans for the Jewish classroom. Used together with their matching textbooks, this series offers a complete and ready-to-implement curriculum for grades 2-5 covering holidays, Bible, Jewish values, and Israel.

Each lesson plan manual features experiential learning modules, creative activities that extend learning online, and helpful assessment strategies.

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