Prepaid Subscriptions for the Resource Libraries

Give your teachers quick, economical access to instant lesson plans with a prepaid school subscription to the Resource Libraries.

Convenient: Teachers can choose the resources they want to use in class without having to pay for them with a credit card.

20% off: Teachers get an automatic 20% discount on the resources when they check out.

Keep track of teachers' purchases: Education Directors can select the teachers they allow to participate in the subscription plan and keep track of their purchases.

How to Start a Prepaid Subscription:

Education Director: Go to to choose the amount of prepaid credit you’d like to start with. (Note: You must be logged in to your account to see this prepay option.) After your first purchase, you can reload in $50 increments. Manage teachers’ access to the prepaid subscription from your account page.

How to Purchase Resources with Your Prepaid Subscription:

Education Director and Teachers: Search the Resource Libraries and add resources to your cart. Once you check out, you will see a new payment method called Prepaid synagogue account. Select that option and then select your synagogue's account. The amount of the resources will be deducted from the account balance.

Note: You must have ONLY resource library items in your cart to use the prepaid synagogue account payment method.