Project Based Learning

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Check Project Based Learning in the ‘Featured Resources’ section of the Resource Libraries for a growing list of individual PBL lesson plans suitable for grades 4-7.

You’ll also find PBL lessons and ideas in the Lesson Plan Manuals for Living Jewish ValuesBuilding Jewish Identity, and the online PBL supplement to Judaism’s Great Debates.

About Project Based Learning:

Project based learning (PBL) is gaining advocates in Jewish education as a way to inspire students to probe deeply, yet it is sometimes confused with its ancestor, the “student project.”  The Behrman House PBL blog series was designed to help educators identify some of the hallmarks of effective PBL initiatives:

Project based learning initiatives begin with an inquiry into a real-world problem that feels relevant and personally meaningful to students. Motivation comes from a driving question with specific educational value.

Learning often takes place in collaborative groups, where students build a sense of community, and a connection to authentic Jewish experiences. The process gives students voice in the methods of inquiry and the form of the outcomes while also encouraging them to evaluate their own progress, and revise along the way.

Research in PBL takes students beyond the textbook, and involves activities such as interviews, web searches, and inviting guest speakers to class.