Explorers Bible CD

Q:  Having trouble running Explorer's Bible 3D on a Windows 7 PC?

The Explorer's Bible 3D Adventure CD should install automatically when placed in your computer. Once the install is complete you will see an Explorer's Bible icon on your desk top. Normally, at this point you should be able to gain access by clicking on the icon and logging in. If your computer is running Windows 7, you may get an error message, or when the program opens you will be unable to select a lesson. If this happens, you will have to delete the desk top icon (highlight the icon, right click the mouse, select delete) and follow the instructions below:

  • Select the Start Menu in the lower left hand corner of the screen


  • select My Computer

  • double-click the "C" drive

  • double-click Program Files

  • select "EB3D"

  • right click on the ED3D application icon, select Properties

  • select the tab "Compatibility"

  • check the box labeled "Run this program in compatibility mode," use the drop down menu to select XP (service pack 3)

  • select Apply, then Okay

  • Now, insert the disc in the computer, go to the Stat menu, select My Computer. You should see the ED3D icon under the "D" drive. Drag this icon to your desk to to put a short cut to the program on your desk top. You should now be able to access the program without a hitch!



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