Limited Time Only — Save 50% Off Select Titles

Written by Behrman House Staff, 24 of October, 2017

Books make great holiday gifts. Enjoy deep discounts off some of our favorite Hanukkah and gift titles during our annual pre-Hanukkah sale from now until November 22. Use the code HOLIDAY17 when you order online, or mention it when you call in your order, and save 50% off the following titles

Celebration and Ritual in Jewish Life

Product Code: 709
Sale Price: $7.50

Entree to Judaism for Families

Product Code: U158
Sale Price: $12.48




Get Cooking!
A Jewish American Family Cookbook

Product Code: 948
Sale Price: $9.98

Teach Them Diligently

Product Code: 145
Sale Price: $11.00





As A Driven Leaf

Product Code: 950
Sale Price: $9.48





The Prophet's Wife

Product Code:

140 (Hardcover)
940 (Paperback)

Sale Price: $12.48



More Shalom Coloring

Product Code: 923
Sale Price: $5.98

Shalom Coloring III

Product Code: 966
Sale Price: $5.98

Jewish History: 
The Big Picture

Product Code: 838
Sale Price: $12.48




Celebrating Hanukkah

Product Code: 849
Sale Price: $3.48





This is the Challah

Product Code: 922
Sale Price: $4.98

Melly's Menorah

Product Code: 884
Sale Price: $4.98

Oy Vey! Life in a Shoe

Product Code: H515
Sale Price: $8.98






Product Code: H514
Sale Price: $8.98

Sing-Along Alef Bet

Product Code: H509
Sale Price: $8.98

King David & Akavish the Spider

Product Code: H504
Sale Price: $4.98

The Littlest Pair

Product Code: H505
Sale Price: $4.98





Shabbat Angels

Product Code: H520
Sale Price: $4.98

Avi Goes to School

Product Code: H503
Sale Price: $4.98

Avi to the Rescue!

Product Code: H512
Sale Price: $4.98

Avi and the Snowy Day

Product Code: H528
Sale Price: $4.98

Journey Through Jerusalem

Product Code: H531
Sale Price: $8.98



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