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Out of Your Seats: The Value of Movement in the Classroom

At Song Leader Boot Camp in St Louis in February it struck me how often the presenters (song leaders, musicians, and educators) incorporated movement into their song leading and worship techniques. Movement is essential for integrating mind and body, it increases conceptual capacity, and draws participants into the experience in a safe way.

Student Safety is Worth a Couple of Extra Steps

I saw an article in the Wall Street Journal about a 14 year old girl whose picture ended up on display for adult men to view and rate based on attractiveness. With a simply click on a mouse, young teenagers can "like" any app or page they see on Facebook which may lead to certain inappropriate ads showing up on their screen. Yikes! This got me thinking...

Does Online Learning have a Positive Future? An Open Discussion.

The New York Times recently released the article 'After Setbacks, Online Classes are Rethought' and we want to hear from you. What experiences have you had with online learning and what future does it have in education?