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Dreams, Goals, and Teeny Tiny Steps: Building a Road to Success in Hebrew

Learning Hebrew is a dream. Teeny, tiny steps can help realize that dream.

The Habit of Hebrew: How Staying in Bed Helped Me Pass a Hebrew Proficiency Test

Establishing new habits is hard. We have to find ways to make them easier at the beginning--like not even having to get out of bed first.

Seeing the New School Year with Rosh Hashanah Lenses

Batsheva Frankel, author of The Jewish Educator's Companion, breaks down the symbols of Rosh Hashanah and explores how to use them as an educational approach.

On the Creation of New Folktales: A Look Into the Jewish Traditions in Goblins of Knottingham

In The Goblins of Knottingham, Rabbi Zoe Klein weaves together deeply familiar tropes from Jewish tradition to create a modern folktale of children learning to recognize their capacity for problem solving and self-determination.