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Fear and Loathing and Assessment

The prospect of assessing a colleague’s work turns out to be just as uncomfortable for us as receiving assessments ourselves. Here are three tools to help us get rid of our sweaty palms and develop assessment practices that we're willing to use.

Israel Education: Heroic Story or Honest Narrative?

Ari Shavit says our kids feel they've been told a false story about Israel--and that we did it. Now what?


Textbooks? We Don't Make Those Any More

Don't use textbooks? That's ok--we don't make those anymore..

My Kids Are My Best Testers

I was pleasantly surprised how helpful it was to just watch my kids use early versions of my programs. I could quickly tell when I had an issue that needed to be addressed because my kids got stuck or would say, “Daddy, this is stupid!” I also could tell when I was doing something right, because my kids wanted to play over and over again.