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Skype offering free trial of Virtual Classroom Environment

Teachers around the country seem excited about the potential to use Skype video calling technology to create virtual classrooms that can help offer families flexibility, increase learning time in the face of reduced class hours, reduce drive time to school, serve isolated communities, and personalize learning. And right now, Skype is offering a free trial of their new 10-way video calling feature. The new feature lets you connect with up to 9 other people to see and hear them all at once! So, if you have been thinking about starting up a virtual classroom with several of your students and interacting just like you would face to face in a classroom, this would be the perfect time to try it. You can start by downloading the Skype 5 beta for Windows now ( To get started you will need a free Skype account, the beta Skype 5 software, a windows PC, an internet connection, a webcam and a microphone. Keep in mind that everyone who wants to join your call will need to have all this as well. The service is free through the end of 2010; after that they will begin charging for ability to video call more than one person at a time. So give it a try now before the free trial expires! For tips about teaching Hebrew using Skype, check out this article on our website



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