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Jump Right In: Teaching Jewish Values via Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning has made a splash in the secular education world and it can be a powerful tool for Jewish classrooms, too. So go ahead, take the plunge.

Discovering PBL Resources for the Jewish Classroom

A successful PBL project for the Jewish classroom teaches not only information, but must engage students in questions of Jewish life, identity, values, and connection. Here are resources to help you accomplish this.

A Rationale for Using Project Based Learning in the Jewish Classroom

Rabbi Mark Levine discusses the importance of project based learning as a way for students to explore real life problems and as a vehicle to liberate Judaism from the exclusive domain of the synagogue and restore its transcendent value.

Shooting the Proscenium Arch

Early filmmakers fell into a trap: using new technology to recreate old ways of presenting theatrical performances. How do we as educators keep out of the trap of simply using 21st century to teach in 19th century ways?