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Shooting the Proscenium Arch

Early filmmakers fell into a trap: using new technology to recreate old ways of presenting theatrical performances. How do we as educators keep out of the trap of simply using 21st century to teach in 19th century ways?


Technology: Friend of Community? Or Foe?


From the Publisher: Luddites and Rocket-Scientists

Neither techno-phobe nor techno-junkie (well, perhaps a little bit of the latter!) David Behrman says we do best when we are flexible enough to adopt new tools when they prove useful while keeping hold of others that have shown they are best for specific jobs.


When Jewish Values Collide

When national media broke the sad story about the fraudulent activities of a rabbi whose false stories had been the subject of laudatory Babaganewz articles in the past, our editors were in conflict about how to proceed.