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Market Failure—On Our Side of the Digital Gap

The digital gap in Jewish education is a paradox. Everyone involved—most especially donors and intellectual entrepreneurs—is investing considerable resources, time, passion, and skill, all in furtherance of a common goal. Yet the outcomes are suboptimal and the result is market failure. Here are six reasons why.


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The Wrong Side of the Digital Divide

We check our technology—our innovation—at the door when it comes to educating our children in our religion and heritage, and we send a message that the latest technologies—the ones our kids find so compelling—aren’t right for the Jewish world.


Happy Independence Day!

Blessings and Baby Steps, our new Jewish parenting book by Rabbi Ilana Grinblat, just came in to our warehouse yesterday. My own children are in high school and college, yet Rabbi Grinblat's observations and lessons feel just as insightful and applicable now that my husband and I are parenting teens and young adults as they are for parents of toddlers. After a somewhat calamitous week for our family that left a teenager alone yet . . .