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Coming in January: The Complete Hebrew in Harmony

Coming in January: Hebrew in Harmony will be complete! Teach Hebrew through music with this groundbreaking program that features dozens of today’s top musicians. Here’s a preview of what’s coming. New Prayer Modules Seven more prayers, for a total of 22 prayer modules in the series. * Aleinu* Ashrei* Birchot HaHaftarah (incl. Eitz Chayim Hi)* Birchot HaTorah (incl. Mi Shebeirach Lacholim, V’zot HaTorah)* Ein Keloheinu, Adon Olam* Hotza’at HaTorah* Kaddish

Introducing: Our New Website, Now Mobile Compatible

What's New  Access to your account. You'll be able to review your account and ordering history right online. 

Some Basics About Your Account and Changes to Ordering

If you have previously placed orders online using your school or synagogue’s account, you will notice some changes on the new Behrman House website. Here's what you need to know. Your organization will now have more control over who is authorized to order on its account. And when you place an order for digital products, you will now easily find them in your school’s Online Learning Center (OLC), no matter which authorized user of your account places the order.

Our New Website is Coming Soon

Big changes are coming to our website. Here's what to expect. What's New Access to your account. You'll be able to review your account and ordering history right online. 

Sneak a Peek at Our New Website

Our fully redesigned web site and store debuts November 27. What's New Easy accounting. There will be no more paper invoices. Invoices will be emailed to the person placing the order. All customers will need an email address to place orders. 

Shalom Hebrew App Helps Sharpen Skills on the Go

Practice and sharpen Hebrew skills with fun - and portable - language practice anywhere, anytime in Shalom Hebrew Digital App.   Shalom Hebrew Digital App is a digital primer designed for students to learn to decode Hebrew accurately and fluently.

No Wifi? No Problem. How to Use Hebrew in Harmony Digital, Whatever Your Tech Situation

You don't need to be musical or tech savvy to teach Hebrew in Harmony, our new multimedia prayer curriculum. In fact, we know not every school has wifi or devices for each student. That's why we have options so you and your students can use the digital piece, whatever your tech situation.

Behrman House Hosts Tech Learning for Educators

Twenty New Jersey educators spent a morning at Behrman House this week for our Ed Tech Solutions Gathering. Educators learned about tech trends and fun tools to engage students, played with some learning apps, and brainstormed solutions for their digital learning needs. Behrman House experts led three sessions:

Special for Education Directors: Sticky Tech Situations and How to Solve Them

We hosted a Ed Tech Solutions gathering at Behrman House headquarters this week, giving local educators the opportunity to learn about tech trends and tools to engage students, play with some learning apps, and get help for their digital learning needs.

Ensure Easy Access to Hebrew in Harmony Digital

The richness and depth of Hebrew in Harmony is magnified by its digital component. Each prayer in the curriculum comes with its own videos, downloadable music, online Hebrew reading and recording for students, teacher assessment, games, and much more.  Here are commonly asked questions about getting started with Hebrew in Harmony Digital so you can ensure students have easy access, right from the get-go.

How to Use the Music in Hebrew in Harmony

Music is the core of Hebrew in Harmony. It’s what caught the eye of educators at Temple Chai Religious School in Phoenix. “The music will reach students in their hearts,” says Ariela Ben-Dor, co-principal of the school. “It touches kids on a more emotional level than the cut and dry of teaching the mechanics of prayer.”

Day 1: A Lesson to Introduce Students to Hebrew in Harmony

Want to set an upbeat tone for your Hebrew curriculum, starting on DAY ONE? Introduce Hebrew in Harmony by focusing first on the music – the driving force behind the program that will help students and teachers connect with the material right away.   (Hebrew in Harmony assumes students can already decode, so be sure you’ve assessed their decoding skills at the beginning of the school year.)

Motivation and Reinforcement Strategies to Get the Most from the Online Learning Center

With students back and classes getting underway, now is the right time to set your expectations for student participation in the Online Learning Center, however you choose to use it. Reinforcing those expectations often are key to a successful, engaged year. Set Expectations For Hebrew especially, ongoing regular practice is a large part of a successful Hebrew learning experience. When you set clear expectations early on in the school year, you give students and parents guidelines and an idea of how the curriculum will work.

Five Steps to Using the Online Learning Center with Confidence

Whether you’re new to the Online Learning Center or a seasoned user, sitting down to set up your virtual synagogue for the new school year doesn’t have to be intimidating. We’ve gathered some helpful tips and tricks so you can master the Online Learning Center and guide your students with success.  

How to Get Help with the Online Learning Center

At Behrman House, we understand that everyone comes from a different background, with different levels of familiarity with technology. We understand that new things can take time to learn and that it’s often helpful to have someone’s advice. That’s why we offer several options if you need tech help to get your learners off to a good start. Online Tutorials

Teaching the Jewish Thanksgiving

Sukkot - also known as Festival of Thanksgiving - inspired the Pilgrims. How are you teaching Sukkot this year? We've tapped into our materials and rounded up a few ideas for you to enhance student learning this new year.

How to Use "How It's Made: Torah Scroll" With Your Students

How It's Made: Torah Scroll, the first in the How It's Made series, is a vibrant resource that enhances the learning of the holiest object in Judaism. In this Apples & Honey Press book, students can explore how a Torah scroll comes into being through more than 100 full-color photographs and interviews that give a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at scribes, artists, and craftspeople in their workshops in Israel and the United States. 

Enhance Spiritual Study with Classic Jewish Texts

David Behrman once wrote, “Generations of Jews report [As a Driven Leaf] as their first significant encounter with adult Judaism.” Many would agree. While those who study and practice the Jewish faith use an assortment of texts to connect to their spirituality, there’s something about the books of Milton Steinberg that invites readers in and allows them to understand Judaism in a new way.

Resources to Further Your Jewish Learning

Adult education can take many forms beyond Hebrew learning. Formal Introduction to Judaism classes usually run over multiple sessions or a semester, covering topics such as Shabbat, kashrut, holidays, life-cycle events, ethics and Jewish texts. 

Rosh Hashanah Resources to Enhance Student Learning

How are you teaching Rosh Hashanah this year? We've tapped into our rich materials and rounded up a few new ideas for you to enhance student learning this new year.

Teach Israel

Experience Modern Israel

New from Behrman House. Fly to Israel without a plane ticket.

Discover Israel

Let's Discover Israel

Offer younger children an exciting and age-appropriate introduction to the Jewish homeland