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News | 22 Jul, 2014

Here are four ideas that other educators have put into practice to get the OLC up and running smoothly.

News | 16 Jul, 2014

We've added new games for next school year to your favorite primer; Alef Bet Quest.

News | 16 Jul, 2014

Throughout the generations Jews have used music for storytelling, prayer, and teaching. You can easily integrate music into your curriculum with a free kindle edition chapter from The Ultimate Jewish Teacher's Handbook.

News | 16 Jul, 2014

Jewish education is always changing and we want to help you stay ahead with a free Kindle edition of a chapter from The Ultimate Jewish Teacher's Handbook.

News | 11 Jul, 2014

This fall Behrman House launched a Project Based Learning Series including an overview of project based learning, where to find resources for your classroom, and how to teach Jewish values and even Hebrew using a project approach.

News | 09 Jul, 2014

Welcome students back in the fall by helping them reflect on their camp experiences from a Jewish values point of view, using the Jewish Values Challenge Cards.

Educator Resources

Jewish Values Challenge Playing Cards

Pack of 58 Cards

Work with teens and pre-teens on developing a deeper understanding using card-based games created by Robyn Faintich. 


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