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News | 26 Feb, 2015

Find out about the practices Behrman House has been implementing to create a culture of innovation in a 94 year old organization. How can they help your organization?

News | 26 Feb, 2015

Recently we introduced the new inclusive Gateways Haggadah: A Seder for the Whole Family to families with children of all abilities. How can we help educators use the Haggadah with their students as well?

News | 26 Feb, 2015

We are always at work making our website work better for you. Behrman House recently hosted two difference usability tests to see our website and digital materials at work from an outside view - and did we learn a lot!

News | 26 Feb, 2015

The recent terror attack in a Parisian kosher supermarket and the rising anti-Semitism throughout the country raise the question of whether France's Jews belong in Israel. This, in turn, leads to the bigger question: What is a Jew's place in the Diaspora?

News | 26 Feb, 2015

February is Jewish Disability Awareness Month and we have been working hard to help congregations commit to inclusion. Where do we go after the commitment?

News | 18 Feb, 2015

They're coming! Six new picture books are on their way to Behrman House for their Fall 2015 debut, but YOU can preview them before everyone else when you sign up for Golem Express.

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Jewish Values Challenge Playing Cards

Pack of 58 Cards

Work with teens and pre-teens on developing a deeper understanding using card-based games created by Robyn Faintich. 


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