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News | 29 Oct, 2014

All classes in the Online Learning Center now get FREE access to new Hebrew practice tools.

News | 29 Oct, 2014

As educators we are still struggling over the best ways to address Israel and the Gaza conflict with our students. Here are a few more resources.

News | 29 Oct, 2014

New to the OLC - MaTok Bible Curriculum offers a brand new digital learning experience to educators and students, and right now at a great price.

News | 29 Oct, 2014

In a recent article, JD Schramm shows us how to choose and tell compelling stories that will keep children enthralled.

News | 29 Oct, 2014

At Harriet's old school she had a friend named Eleanor who was labeled with a disability. Harriet began to notice that everyone, classmates, teachers, and even the principal treated Eleanor differently from the rest of her peers. But why?

News | 22 Oct, 2014

Effectively monitor student learning gains with these helpful resources from edutopia.

Educator Resources

Jewish Values Challenge Playing Cards

Pack of 58 Cards

Work with teens and pre-teens on developing a deeper understanding using card-based games created by Robyn Faintich. 


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