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News | 30 Jul, 2014

Long life is a reward for living righteously. Help students honor the elderly with activities to share their life stories with a free Kindle edition of a chapter from Teaching Mitzvot.

News | 30 Jul, 2014

The Hineni series has been a long time favorite. You've been asking and soon we will bring to you Hineni for the Online Learning Center!

News | 30 Jul, 2014

Adding Jewish values to your curriculum is easy with featured material, designed to foster deep reflection and critical thinking.

News | 24 Jul, 2014

Although school is not in session, you can provide parents and teachers with helpful tools to talk to children about what's happening in Israel now, and begin to think about what to say in the fall.

News | 23 Jul, 2014

Here are four ideas that other educators have put into practice to get the OLC up and running smoothly.

News | 23 Jul, 2014

Help students explore the ways Judaism supports the value of being kind to animals with a free Kindle edition of a chapter from Teaching Mitzvot - Concepts, Values, and Activities.

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Jewish Values Challenge Playing Cards

Pack of 58 Cards

Work with teens and pre-teens on developing a deeper understanding using card-based games created by Robyn Faintich. 


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