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News | 20 Nov, 2014

Your favorite Hebrew primer gained a fun new game. We want to know - what's your high score?

News | 20 Nov, 2014

Beloved novel is now a play! You’re invited to a dramatic reading of a new play by Rabbi Barry Schwartz based on As A Driven Leaf, by Milton Steinberg. Admission is free and open to the public, but reservations are requested.

News | 20 Nov, 2014

This Thanksgiving your guests will be thankful for these mini sweet potato knishes and you will be thankful for this FREE recipe from Get Cooking! A Jewish American Cookbook.

News | 20 Nov, 2014

In order for us to be able to eat a hamburger or chicken, farmers need to raise and care for the animals that we eat. What does Jewish tradition have to say about our relationship with animals?

News | 20 Nov, 2014

In Judaism, preserving human life is valued above all other commandments. Yet, the Torah doesn’t forbid us from having dangerous things, but requires us to be responsible and to take safety precautions. Is having a gun a threat to public safety or every citizen’s right?

News | 18 Nov, 2014

Get your hamantashen dough ready for this Free creative filling for your Purim celebrations.

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