Rabbi Professor David Golinkin Helps Us Dig Deeper into As a Driven Leaf

First published in 1939, As a Driven Leaf is still regarded as a major influence on contemporary Jewish life and thought.

Coming Soon: Shalom Uvrachah Goes Digital

Soon, Hebrew learning will be available across all of your devices! With the upcoming Shalom Hebew OLC app, your students will be able to journey through the pages of Shalom Uvrachah - our bestselling Hebrew primer - where vowels talk, letters dance, and students can swipe words across their screens. 

Happy 60th Birthday ARJE!

We're getting ready to celebrate the Association of Reform Jewish Educators' 60th birthday at the URJ Biennial! Will you be celebrating with us? On Friday, November 6th, at the URJ Biennial in Orlando, Florida, the ARJE invites you to celebrate its birthday in the Kikar section. 

Babaganewz Gets a Makeover

The popular Babaganewz resource library is returning with a brand new look and a new way to connect educators. Like the original site, the new Babaganewz Jewish Educator Marketplace will offer a growing collection of resources specifically for the Jewish classroom. And now educators can create, share and sell resources themselves using the site.

URJ Update: CHAI Resources for Families are Now Available

Behrman House is pleased to announce the additional of CHAI Parent Education, CHAI Parents: Early Childhood Parent Education, and the CHAI Shabbat Family Workbook to our list of cleared and available titles. 

Will We See You at the 2015 URJ Biennial?

Behrman House will be set up in the Kikar area at the URJ Biennial in Orlando, Florida from November 4th-8th . We'd love to see you! Visit us and browse the latest picture books from Apples & Honey Press, including Farmer Kobi's Hanukkah Match,  Hanukkah Cookies with Sprinkles, Kayla and Kugel, and Mama Doni's new Alef Bet book. Take a look at American classics like Dr.Seuss and Goodnight Moon in Hebrew.

Hack Jewish Education

Behrman House, the leading publisher of textbooks and digital learning materials for Jewish schools in North America, and MindCET, the innovation department of Israel-based CET (Center for Educational Technology) announced today a new pilot accelerator program to identify and support a North American-based Jewish Ed-tech development team beginning in Fall 2015, funded with a grant from the AVI CHAI Foundation. The goal of the pilot program is to jumpstart the creation of new, Jewish educational technology.

It's A Global Testing Day for Behrman House

We regularly host usability testing sessions to get an outside perspective on how our website and digital materials work. Today we took it global! We spent the day testing two of our upcoming products, Hebrew in Harmony, which helps students learn Hebrew using music, and Shalom Uvrachah Digital the new cross device primer for the Online Learning Center.  Unlike our previous usability testings, which were completed in our New Jersey location, this test included participation all the way from Israel.

URJ Update: We've Cleared Even MORE Titles

Last week we announced the addition of a modified version of Chai Level 7, the OLC edition of Mitkadem Digital, and A Taste of Hebrew and we are happy to announce another seven URJ Press titles to our cleared and available list. 

Supplemental Materials for Chai Level 7 Workbooks Now Available

While we are in the process of revising the Torah, Avodah, and G'milut Chasadim workbooks for Chai Level 7, we have a set of downloadable annotations and instructions for using the Level 7 curriculum core without the workbooks available now! Chai Level 7 Torah, Avodah, and G'milut Chasadim supplemental instructions can be downloaded for free here

We're Reintroducing Mitkadem Digital - Now in the OLC!

With a few modifications from its original URJ version, the new Online Learning Center edition of Mitkadem Digital puts YOU in control.  One 12-month license will give a student access to the digital features of Ramot 3-23, and will be renewable yearly, so students will always be able to go back and review work done in previous years. 

Come See Us at URJ Biennial

Behrman House staff will be attending the 2015 URJ Biennial in Orlando, Florida November 4th - 8th. Will you? Behrman House will set up in the Kikar area of the Biennial. We'll be consulting on CHAI and Mitkadem as well as ways to use our Online Learning Center to reach the goals of the congregational school. We'll also have our new line of student journals that focus on values, holidays, Bible, and the environment on hand for you to see.

URJ Update: Welcoming CHAI Level 7 Curriculum Core, Mitkadem Digital, and A Taste of Hebrew

Behrman House is happy to announce the addition of Mitkadem Digital, Chai Level 7 Curriculum Core, and A Taste of Hebrew to our list of cleared and available titles. 

Travel (Virtually) to Israel for the High Holidays with ISRAEL21c: Yom Kippur

How can we help students connect to the holiest day of the Jewish year? While some students may not be ready to fast this Yom Kippur, ISRAEL21c has collected photos to help all students observe a different side of the holiday in Israel.  Yom Kippur in Israel has been said to be different than everywhere else in the world. Businesses, schools, and much of the country closes down on the Day of Atonement. 

Travel (Virtually) to Israel for the High Holidays with ISRAEL21c: Rosh Hashanah

Looking for a unique way to celebrate the High Holidays with your students? ISRAEL21c has created a list of the best things to do in Israel this holiday season! Although these activities are suggested IN Israel, various resources are available to share with students to help celebrate Israeli style.  Rosh Hashanah, September 14-15, 2015

Reinforce Hebrew Learning with Free Apps

How can we help students ease back into learning mode in a fun and informative way? Whether giving extra assistance to young learners practicing the alef bet, practice decoding, or want reinforcement through play, Behrman House has the apps you need.  Review Hebrew letters with Augmented Reality Kids will watch the pages of Let's Discover the Alef Bet come to life with help from the camera on their mobile device or tablet to activate digital elements in the popular folders Bet, Dalet, Yud, and Tav. 

The Back-to-School Reading Workout Your Students Need

It's been a long summer! If your students completed a Hebrew primer last year, you can help them hone their decoding skills this fall with practice games and exercises from Back to School Hebrew Reading Refresher.

Camp Connection: Help Students Reflect on Summer Camp Experiences through Play

How can a deck of cards help returning students reflect on their camp experiences from a Jewish values point of view? Jewish Values Challenge Cards help kids process some of their feelings about camp, camp expreiences, and camp friendships using 58 Jewish values in a playful environment using card-based games created by Robyn Faintich. 

URJ Update: How We Can Help Supplement Chai 7 in Your Learning Environment

Last week we happily announced the addition of Chai levels 1 and 2 to our list of available titles. Although we are still awaiting the proper documentation to publish Chai level 7, we have a variety of other materials that can help as a substitute as we actively pursue the rights to bring Chai level 7 to your learning environment. 

URJ Update: CHAI Level 1 and Level 2 Are Here!

We know you've been waiting, and we are happy to announce the addition of CHAI Level 1 Core Curriculum and student workbooks, Avodah, G'milut Chasadim, and Torah

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