California School Adopts Hebrew in Harmony - Giving Its Education Committee A Voice

Five years ago, Shir Hama'alot in Irvine, California, experimented with its Hebrew program by creating small, chavura-style learning groups. Intended as a way to build community, similar to the school's format for Judaica learning, the Hebrew program simply didn't work out as planned. 

Rethinking Prayer: Moving From Words to Meaning

An 8th grade student recently recounted to his teacher how he didn't feel a connection to prayer, even as he "put forth positive energy" to the practice. The student said he was searching for a way to bypass "the blockade between the heart and God."

Hebrew in Harmony Helps Students Find Meaning in Mah Nishtanah

There's more to the Four Questions than listening to the youngest child sing at the seder. Hebrew in Harmony - our new prayer curriculum for students in grades 4-6 - explores the values and message underlying this Passover tradition, all while teaching the words and melody.

Six Tips for Making the Most of Hebrew Learning Time This Spring

Spring is a productive learning time. With six weeks left before Passover, here are six tips for making the most of this core learning time with resources designed specifically to reinforce Hebrew skills.

Keep Hebrew Skills Sharp in Ten Minutes

Before diving into prayer work with your students, where the Hebrew can be challenging, try some warm-ups. Not necessarily jumping jacks, but exercises for their simple Hebrew muscles.   At Rye Community Synagogue in New York, Rick Abrams, director of Jewish family life, is a big fan of using the Ten-Minute Hebrew Reader with older students to refresh their reading skills. 

Get Ready! The First Hebrew in Harmony Webinar is February 23rd

If you're thinking about using Hebrew in Harmony with your students, or just want more information, register now to join us for the webinar "Basic Introduction to Hebrew in Harmony." The first in a three-part series, this webinar is perfect for those who want to learn more about the program. Participants will learn:

How to Choose A Haggadah for Your Seder

The calendar may still say winter, but don't let Passover sneak up on you. Whether you're hosting seder for the first time or you’ve lost count, the key to a perfect holiday lies in the planning. The first seder is April 10, and it's not too early to start thinking about which haggadah to use this year. Start by considering your guest list. Who’s coming dictates what kind of haggadah to use. If you have guests with special needs or who are non-readers

Hebrew in Harmony Spring Webinars

Register now for our three spring webinars to help you best use Hebrew in Harmony. 1.    Basic Introduction to Hebrew in Harmony For educators considering the Hebrew in Harmony program Thursday, February 23, 20171:00-1:40 pm ESTPresenter: Terry Kaye

Hebrew in Harmony How-To: Accessing the Digital Component

The next generation of Hebrew learning has arrived -- the music-based Hebrew in Harmony program that invites students to learn to sing and pray in Hebrew, as well as read, explore, and interpret prayer text. Each individual prayer module comes with its own videos, downloadable music, Hebrew reading and recording options, games, and more, to give students a fun way to practice and deepen their learning. 

Meet Hebrew in Harmony Musician Josh Breitzer

Hebrew in Harmony—the new prayer curriculum for 4th-6th graders—features music from today's top Jewish musicians. This is part of a series profiling some of these talented artists.

What We Learned at #ARJE17

With its focus on leadership and professional development, the ARJE Gathering in St. Louis was a perfect time to learn new ways to engage in reflective teaching while catching up with far-flung friends, classmates, and colleagues. It was also an opportunity for us at Behrman House to hear about what is happening in congregational schools large and small.    One thing in particular struck us: Hebrew remains central in congregational school programs.

Getting Started in Hebrew in Harmony

Seven new prayers will be available January 16 as part of the groundbreaking Hebrew in Harmony prayer series.  This multimedia prayer curriculum engages 4th-6th graders in joyful learning through arts, movement, mindfulness, and more – all rooted in music.

Behrman House Launches Web and OLC Redesign

Behrman House recently kicked off the first phase of a design overhaul to the website and Online Learning Center. The redesign process, which will take many months, will help us create a simple, fresh, and engaging digital portal where you can share, learn, and play. We'll be making things simpler and clearer for educators, teachers, students, parents, and families to find and use all our great content from any device, any time.

Webinar: For Teachers - How to Use Hebrew in Harmony

Whether you’re a teacher currently using Hebrew in Harmony, or just considering it, we've got a webinar for you. "For Teachers: How to Use Hebrew in Harmony" Tuesday, December 6, 1 pm EST Presenter: Terry Kaye In 40 minutes, you’ll learn:

Tools to Assess and Strengthen Students' Hebrew Skills

You survived the fall holiday marathon. Now it's time to use your uninterrupted schedule to focus on your students' Hebrew skills. Our resources can help you meet students where they are in their Hebrew, and ensure they succeed in reaching the next level of your program.

Your Hebrew in Harmony Community

Dear Educators, As you get underway with the new school year, we wanted to let you know about two valuable resources that will help you make full use of the new Hebrew in Harmony materials.  

How Much Did Golem Subscribers Save in 2016?

September marked the last month of 2016 Golem box shipments from Behrman House. Golem and Golem Express subscribers received early releases this year of such titles as:

Free Hebrew Practice Links for Student Success

Make the most of the next eight weeks of school (before winter break)! We know you want to ensure your learners get good opportunities to learn and practice Hebrew. We know that when kids practice Hebrew for just five minutes a day, they get better more quickly. That's why we offer lots of free digital resources for students to practice Hebrew - on their time, on their devices. You can send links to your families and recommend our free apps for quick and fun ways to enhance their learning.

Third Hebrew in Harmony Cohort Begins November 15

By popular demand, we have opened up a third cohort of teacher training for Hebrew in Harmony, the groundbreaking new music-based curriculum for 4th-6th graders that offers an engaging and musical Hebrew experience for your students.

Preview the Newest Materials in Jewish Education with Golem Express

When you join Golem Express, you automatically receive a review copy of all our new educational materials as soon as they are published. We will releasing some exciting new titles in 2017 that you really won't want to miss, including a brand new family haggadah, seven new prayer modules for our groundbreaking Hebrew in Harmony curriculum, a guide chock full of creative ideas for Jewish educators by Batsheva Frankel, some fun new Jewish-themed coloring books, and a new resource to making t’fillah more meaningful for children.

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