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This month's Golem Express brings the latest Hebrew materials and the key to wise aging straight to your door.

Apples & Honey Press Debuts at Book Expo America

Last week was a big week for the new Apples & Honey Press!  The new imprint of Behrman House and Jerusalem-based Gefen Publishing premiered at the 2015 Book Expo America in New York City.  Between the many visitors thrilled to see a new line of Jewish children's books, author signings with David Adler and Karen Rostoker-Gruber, and various visits from Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the Apples & Honey Press debut was a great success. 

They're Here! The First of the URJ Books Have Arrived at Behrman House

This week Behrman House welcomed the very much awaited shipment of half of the over 400 URJ titles to our warehouse. 

Combining Study in the Synagogue with Diverse Community Experiences

By Teri Rube Hochberg I’m a big advocate of flipped learning. Since my visit to the ISTE conference three years ago, where I studied with experts in flipping, we’ve been using the model at Park Synagogue. It’s perfect for the Jewish supplementary school.

Hebrew Apps Encourage Summer Practice

As students begin to transition from school to summer, you can help them maintain their Hebrew skills with these games and apps.  Review Hebrew letters with Augmented Reality Kids will watch the pages of Let's Discover the Alef Bet come to life with help from the camera on their mobile device or tablet to activate digital elements in the popular folders Bet, Dalet, Yud, and Tav. 

Reinforce Hebrew in 5 Minutes a Day

Hebrew reading is a skill, and brain-based research tells us that skills develop best when they are practiced in many short sessions rather than one long one. How does that work in the Jewish congregational school setting? Educator Dina Maiben, author of Alef Bet Quest and Ready, Set  . . .Go Alef Bet and some of our educator colleagues have some ideas.

Reflect on the School Year Through Jewish Values

How can we help students reflect on previous lessons from the school year and continually work to incorporate them in their everyday lives? Jewish Values Challenge playing cards helps your students talk about what they have learned and apply Jewish values to help them incorporate the lessons and values into their everyday lives. 

How Can We Better Meet Your Virtual Classroom Needs?

Behrman House has previously hosted three different usability tests to see our website and digital materials at work from an outside view from various users like you. In June we will be conducting our fourth test and we need YOUR help! Thanks to our series of testers we have been able to sort out problem areas, get great feedback, and even test out some new products. 

Experiment with Flipped Learning in the OLC

Been hearing a lot about blended and flipped learning recently? Confused about the difference? Join us for a short (less than 30 minutes) webinar on Thursday, May 21, at 1:00 pm Eastern , in which Terry Kaye and Vicki Weber will show you easy ways to experiment with flipped learning using the Online Learning Center—for free.

The New 2015-2016 Catalog is Here!

The new 2015-2016 catalog is available online here to allow you to see our newest releases and get a head start on planning for next year.  From our six new childrens titles, to our new materials and curriculums from the alliance with URJ Press, to your favorite classic childrens stories in Hebrew, we have everything you need to plan for any lesson, event, or just for fun activity available. 

Teachers Closely Involved in Curriculum Decisions

This month Terry Kaye, Shirly Benatar, Education Director, and twenty of her teachers at Congregation Tifereth Israel, Columbus, OH met by webinar to review Behrman House Hebrew materials. The Tifereth Israel teachers had a variety of texts in front of them: Hineni, Hineni Prayer Booklets, Kol Yisrael and a couple of primers.

Save on End of the Year Certificates

Yes it feels early, but the end of the school year will be here before we know it. Save 50% on certificates to thank volunteers, acknowledge teachers, and help your students celebrate their accomplishments.

New OLC Feature Grants Directors More Control

We've all experienced the forgotten password dilemma. Thanks to a new feature in the Online Learning Center, educators now have the power to reset passwords! Now when Educational Directors select the view all option in the members tab a new 'Reset Password' option is available. 

Behrman House, URJ Create a Path to the Future for URJ Press Educational Materials

Our recently announced partnership with the URJ ensures that URJ Press materials will continue to be available to educators throughout North America. It will leverage Behrman House’s core educational mission and skills so that we can preserve, extend, and improve these materials to meet the needs of a changing educational community, and take advantage of Behrman House’s reach into virtually all North American Jewish schools.

Available Now! Israel Matters Revised Edition

Israel Matters was among the popular titles for teens and adults to dig deep in Israel's culture and history. To help students stay up-to-date with Israeli life, we have introduced the new revised edition.

Values in Action: Help Students Reflect on Courage Using this Free Lesson from Jewish Values in Genesis

How do stories of Jews from the Bible and Jewish history encourage critical thinking skills in our students? Each time we tell stories from the Torah we learn something about ourselves. You can get students thinking about courage in their own lives by having them consider courageous people from the Bible and Jewish history. This free lesson from the new students journal, Jewish Values in Genesis will help.

Last Minute Passover Resources

Matzoh recipes, seder decor, and unique ways to tell the Passover story - how will you choose from the plethora of Pinterest Passover resources? Let our organized Passover Pinterest page help you. On our Pinterest page you will find resources like: New ways to sing 'Dayenu' Inspiring inclusive Model Seder stories

Hebrew School is for Working Parents Too

After receiving news that her Jewish Day school would be leaving her children with 17 days off during the summer, blogger and mother, Tamar Snyder, found herself scrambling with a way to make Jewish day school work with her family. Like many working parents, 17 days off is out of the question and finding quality child care can be hard to find and expensive.  This not only creates stress for parents, but presents Jewish day schools as indifferent to working parents needs. 

Your Guide to the Perfect Passover

The first Passover Seder is April 3rd! We have all of the resources you need to make it through-before, during, and after.

OLC Success Story: Wilshire Blvd Temple Gets Impressive Results Despite No Homework Policy

How can you improve your students' Online Learning Center completion rates? Educator Lida Abramov has answers. Abramov is a teacher at Wilshire Boulevard Temple using Alef Bet Quest with more than 50 students who are new to Hebrew.  Even with the Temple's no homework policy and the Online Learning Center an optional tool, Abramov is seeing 50-60% of students completing work at home - That's a lot!

Teach Israel

Experience Modern Israel

New from Behrman House. Fly to Israel without a plane ticket.

Discover Israel

Let's Discover Israel

Offer younger children an exciting and age-appropriate introduction to the Jewish homeland