OLC Secret New Feature: Review Student List

Organizing is key for a successful start to a new school year and the Online Learning Center just gained a new feature to help you organize your students' accounts. Education Directors* now have the power to see the entire student list to check for duplicate accounts and remove non-returning students. Here's How:

Bring Hineni to Life in the OLC

The Hineni prayer series has been the long-time favorite way to guide students in learning both prayers and their meaning. Now your students can experience Hineni virtually in the Online Learning Center with our digital companion.

How to Save on Shipping Costs

With our 24 business hour shipping policy and partnership with UPS to guarantee fast, insured shipping, we are committed to helping you get the best service and price for your orders. 

Planning for Fall: Part Three

The summer is flying by. Will you be prepared for Fall?  In the final part of our three-part "Preparing for Fall" series, we will help you set expectations early and ensure that parents and students feel prepared. Reach out to Students and their Parents Help parents and students feel confident by providing easy steps to access their Behrman House accounts and classrooms. 

It's Back! Special Offer When You Sign Up for Golem Express.

Many have signed up for the Golem Express plan for a simpler, more predictable way to review innovative materials for Jewish education - what are you waiting for? By signing up now, you can be the first to see our new materials for the remainder of this year until December 2016 for the same $99 flat fee*. Here's how it works:

Learn to Read Hebrew Fast at NewCAJE Conference

By Lee Brice At this year’s NewCAJE conference in West Hartford, CT, I’ll be leading a Hebrew Reading Marathon—a 9-hour Hebrew decoding workshop using the book Alef Isn't Tough by Rabbi Linda Motzkin.  

Hineni for the OLC is Here!

The time has come! The long time favorite Hineni series is now available for the Online Learning Center and you can try it now for FREE.

More Modern Hebrew for Teens!

Continue the conversation from Let's Talk! Modern Hebrew for Teens with the new sequel Let's Talk Now! More Modern Hebrew for Teens! Through lively conversations and fun activities, your 6th - 8th grade students will get a taste of real Israeli life and engage with modern Hebrew comfortably and easily. 

Planning for Fall: Part Two

Previously we introduced two simple steps to get you started in preparing your Online Learning Center for Fall. Now it's time to purchase your learning materials and organize your individual online classes.

New Certificates Feature Israeli Art

Featuring artwork from the renowned Israeli artist Rinat Gilboa, these elegant and charming certificates are the perfect way to commemorate and celebrate transitional moments. 

URJ Update: We've Cleared More Titles!

Behrman House has been working hard processing and shipping out orders for many URJ titles.

Want to Teach Decoding Later?

Do you have students who join your program in 5th grade or later and need to learn to decode Hebrew? Introducing Shalom Hebrew: Simple Steps to Reading Hebrew, this 96-page primer was designed with older learners in mind. It is an ideal solution for those who begin their Hebrew work later, or who need remediation. 

Summer Debate: Do I Send My Kids to Summer Camp?

School is ending, and for some the decision to send their children to camp is still not clear. Here is a supporting article and some resources to help your decision. Tabletmag.com recently featured a mom and her decision to send her children to camp. Marjorie Ingall shares her experience and why it was the best investment she ever made.  Ingall compared previous years of sending her kids to camp with a report by The University of Chicago focused on youth development, psychology, sociology, and education.

End of Year Reflection: What Does it Mean to Me?

The end of the school year is here, and it's time to reflect on your accomplishments. What did you enjoy about this year? Did you meet your goals? Can you recognize growth in your students' Hebrew skills? What would you do differently? In a recent blog post in School Matters, author Tsivya Fox addressed the importance of end of the year reflection.  "Taking time to really assess how your school year went can make all the difference for next year's satisfaction and success," Fox states. 

We're Ready to Place Your URJ Orders!

Last week we announced the official closing of our agreement with the URJ giving us the right to publish and sell 222 URJ Press titles. We have already been receiving and shipping out our first orders!

Why the OLC is Perfect for Our Learning Needs

By Michele Rosenfield When our in-school learning time was reduced from three days a week to two we needed a way for our students to do more work at home. That’s why we use the OLC.

We've Started Shipping Your URJ Orders!

On Monday, June 15th, Behrman House officially closed on our agreement with URJ Press, giving us the right to publish and sell 222 URJ Press titles. Today we shipped our first URJ Press orders!

URJ Press/ Behrman House Agreement is Final

It’s an important time, for Behrman House, for the URJ, and for the educational community. On Monday, June 15th, we completed the transfer of 222 URJ Press titles to Behrman House.

How Can I Order URJ Materials?

As of June 15th we have officially completed our agreement, and have the right to publish and sell 222 URJ Press titles. An updated list of titles that we have permission to sell are available here. These titles can be purchased through Behrman House by phone, fax, or on our websiteusing their new Behrman House product numbers*. 

Testers Take on Hineni for the OLC

The Hineni series has been a long time favorite for teaching prayers with meaning and will soon be available for the Online Learning Center! This week our testers will begin testing one of the seven modules that will be available for the OLC.  The full seven modules will feature 35 prayers and blessings, including:

Teach Israel

Experience Modern Israel

New from Behrman House. Fly to Israel without a plane ticket.

Discover Israel

Let's Discover Israel

Offer younger children an exciting and age-appropriate introduction to the Jewish homeland