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News | 21 Oct, 2014

We previously sent invitations to join us on our new Sukkah server and we are impressed! Check out these awesome Sukkah's created in our virtual Minecraft world.

News | 17 Sep, 2014

Here at Behrman House we have been busy creating new titles for Hanukkah 2015. We know you're curious, so come take a sneak peek!

News | 10 Sep, 2014

Help families explore the magic of Shabbat with a free online game helps children make meaning of all the elements of this weekly holiday that is a core element of Jewish identity.

Blog entry | 19 Aug, 2014

Rabbi Mark H. Levine and David E. Behrman reflect on the tragic school shooting in Newtown, CT, and offer advice for parents and Jewish educators to help children transform their pain into something meaningful.

Blog entry | 19 Aug, 2014

Our community must embrace smaller-scale, faster-moving, decentralized, and opportunistic program development, taking advantage of communities, relationships, and resources that already exist.

News | 07 Aug, 2014

Although school is not in session, you can provide parents and teachers with helpful tools to talk to children about what's happening in Israel now, and begin to think about what to say in the fall.

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