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News | 21 Jan, 2015

Take an inside look at the new Gateways Haggadah and the organization that helped Behrman House bring it to the Passover tables of families everywhere.

News | 19 Jan, 2015

Help children of all abilities and disabilities celebrate this Passover when you order your copy of The Gateways Haggadah now!

News | 14 Jan, 2015

After helping a parent of a child with learning differences feel welcome in his educational institution, Rabbi Steven H. Rau developed an outline to help other congregations more inclusive.

News | 14 Jan, 2015

To provide a welcoming, inclusive ceremony for interfaith families, Rabbi Daniel Zemel of Temple Micah in Washington DC recreated the Parent Aliyah Blessing

News | 06 Jan, 2015

Help students interact with the printed pages from Let's Discover the Alef Bet using the new Augmented Reality App from Behrman House.

News | 02 Jan, 2015

The new Gateways Haggadah welcomes families with children of all abilities and disabilities to your Passover seder.

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