Getting Started in Hebrew in Harmony

Seven new prayers will be available January 16 as part of the groundbreaking Hebrew in Harmony prayer series.  This multimedia prayer curriculum engages 4th-6th graders in joyful learning through arts, movement, mindfulness, and more – all rooted in music.

What Moses Can Teach Us About Setting Goals

What can Moses teach us about New Year's resolutions? Our annual good intentions so often fall apart before they ever really begin, and perhaps that's because our self-created barriers of "can't" and "won't" get in the way. 

Making a New Year’s Resolution? Make it a SMART one.

I was at the gym the afternoon of New Year’s Eve and was surprised at the crowd. 

New Year’s Resolutions—Taking Action on Lessons from Our Annual Survey

“You are awesome!” “It’s always a pleasure.” “I like calling in to order and always get help and an answer that makes ordering easy.” “Behrman House’s long-standing commitment to a standard of excellence is evident in every conversation, every transaction. Thank you for all you do for Jewish education and learning.”

Behrman House Launches Web and OLC Redesign

Behrman House recently kicked off the first phase of a design overhaul to the website and Online Learning Center. The redesign process, which will take many months, will help us create a simple, fresh, and engaging digital portal where you can share, learn, and play. We'll be making things simpler and clearer for educators, teachers, students, parents, and families to find and use all our great content from any device, any time.

Behrman House on the Road

Behrman House staff makes a practice of getting out of the office regularly, all the better to meet our educator colleagues and gain a deeper understanding of the present and the future of Jewish education. We attend conferences, run workshops, speak to groups, visit educators, and seek opportunities to learn about trends and issues that affect our customers and our work. Here’s where we're off to in the next couple of months, and what we've been up to this past fall. Are we going to be in your area? Let us know--we'd love to see you while we're there!

Free Hanukkah Resources for Students, Educators, and Families

Instructional Guides How do you light the candles? What is the “helper” candle called? How do you play dreidel? To introduce the holiday to young children or families, Celebrating Hanukkah from the For the Family series provides the perfect entry. This 4-page laminated folder includes the story of Hanukkah, explanation of why and how the holiday is celebrated,  instructions for how dreidel is played, and all the blessings – in Hebrew, transliteration, and English. Click the images below for some sample lessons.

Peaceful Gifts for the Busy Educator

The first semester nears its end and teachers are starting to feel the bustle of the season setting in. With the busy swirl of grading, lesson planning, and holiday preparation, why not gift your educators with an opportunity for meditative practice?

New Prayer Modules in Hebrew in Harmony Coming Soon!

Coming mid-January: seven new modules in the Hebrew in Harmony series. This next phase of the groundbreaking music-based program for 4th-6th graders includes seven new prayers and dozens of inspirational activities to help students engage with the words and meaning of prayer. The new prayers are: *Avot V’imahot*Birchot Shalom*G’vurot*L’chah Dodi*K’dushah*Mi Chamocha*V’ahavta What materials will be available? Beginning January 15, you’ll have access to:

What Do I Say to My Kids?

There is rancor in the air this holiday season, and to many it seems like the bullies are winning. In the vitriol that passes for public discourse lately, there are even angry exchanges about who is really to blame for our various predicaments and what should be done next. The posts on my Facebook feed regularly ask “What am I supposed to tell my kids?” I would instead have us consider what we can ASK our kids. What explorations can we encourage them toward, guided by our Jewish heritage?

Students as Ambassadors for Inclusion

For the many Jewish congregations and organizations considering ways to make their environments and programs more inclusive, the challenge is less about why than of how.

David Behrman to Address Business Leaders about Innovation

Throughout its 95-year history, Behrman House has been adept at changing and innovating to meet the needs of its religious and educational customers.  From shifting from a retail storefront (Behrman's Jewish Book Shop on lower 5th Avenue in Manhattan in the early 1920's) into print -- and increasingly, digital -- publishing, while consolidating its publishing and warehouse operations under one roof, Behrman House continues to evaluate and redefine itself in response to the changing world around it.

Webinar: For Teachers - How to Use Hebrew in Harmony

Whether you’re a teacher currently using Hebrew in Harmony, or just considering it, we've got a webinar for you. "For Teachers: How to Use Hebrew in Harmony" Tuesday, December 6, 1 pm EST Presenter: Terry Kaye In 40 minutes, you’ll learn:

Hanukkah Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving is done, and it's time to start thinking about Hanukkah gift lists. We are the people of the Book, and so we've rounded up some great gift books for the people in your life.

Closed for Thanksgiving!

Behrman House will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, 11/25 AND Friday 11/26.  Orders placed AFTER 1 pm on Wednesday, 11/23 through Sunday, 11/27 will be processed and shipped on either Monday, 11/28 or Tuesday, 11/29. Please allow extra time to receive your orders. Thank you and we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Jewish Wisdom For Today's Parents

Of all the child-raising challenges Dr. Maurice Elias has counseled parents on in his long career, anger tops the list. Not childhood aggression, however, but parental tempers. "Anger is corrosive," he says, "Children don't hear the words you're using, they just feel your anger in their core." 

Tools to Assess and Strengthen Students' Hebrew Skills

You survived the fall holiday marathon. Now it's time to use your uninterrupted schedule to focus on your students' Hebrew skills. Our resources can help you meet students where they are in their Hebrew, and ensure they succeed in reaching the next level of your program.

How Much Did Golem Subscribers Save in 2016?

September marked the last month of 2016 Golem box shipments from Behrman House. Golem and Golem Express subscribers received early releases this year of such titles as:

Move From Oy to Joy: Parenting Tips to Foster Resilience

Let’s face it: the day-to-day realities of parenting can be messy. Fortunately, Jewish tradition offers timeless wisdom, values, and guidance to help parents of all faiths and backgrounds. The new book The Joys & Oys of Parenting: Insight and Wisdom from the Jewish Tradition begins with the concept of shalom bayit (a peaceful home) and offers practical ideas, advice, and inspiration for raising children into confident, kind, responsible adults.

Free Hebrew Practice Links for Student Success

Make the most of the next eight weeks of school (before winter break)! We know you want to ensure your learners get good opportunities to learn and practice Hebrew. We know that when kids practice Hebrew for just five minutes a day, they get better more quickly. That's why we offer lots of free digital resources for students to practice Hebrew - on their time, on their devices. You can send links to your families and recommend our free apps for quick and fun ways to enhance their learning.

Teach Israel

Experience Modern Israel

New from Behrman House. Fly to Israel without a plane ticket.

Discover Israel

Let's Discover Israel

Offer younger children an exciting and age-appropriate introduction to the Jewish homeland