Get a Free Kindle Edition of Kayla and Kugel's Almost-Perfect Passover

Many Apples & Honey Press titles are now available as ebooks for Kindle! To celebrate, today we are giving away 150 free downloads of the Kindle edition of Kayla and  Kugel’s Almost-Perfect Passover. Click  here for this limited time offer!

Confronting Ageism by Aging Wisely Together, in Community

Baby boomers have been changing life in the U.S. since they were born. And now this year, as they begin turning 70, the generation that began not trusting anyone over 30 now has the opportunity to confront ageism in our society and possibly reverse some of the negative stereotypes about getting old.

Food for Thought: Making Mindful Connections to Our Passover Meals

A well-known New York chef recently embarked on a mission to explore why some matzah—at least in his opinion—tastes better than others. He had enjoyed shmura matzah, which means "guarded” or “watched,” and in tracing the matzah back from the bakery to the field where the wheat grew, found a new appreciation for the entire matzah-making process.

Free Hebrew Practice for Summer

Looking for a fun, cheap way to give your students some Hebrew practice as they head into summer? We've got two great options for you.  Shalom Hebrew OLC App Students of all ages can learn to read Hebrew in a fun and effective way on any device!  Designed as a universal app, Shalom Hebrew OLC App can be used on any PC or Mac desktop; laptop; tablet; or smartphone. 

Apples & Honey Press for Your Kindle

We are excited to announce that many Apples & Honey Press titles are now available as ebooks for Kindle. To mark this occasion and the upcoming Passover holiday, we are offering our newest title, Kayla and Kugel's Almost-Perfect Passover, for FREE on Kindle. (see Amazon listing here) The Kindle edition will only be FREE for the first 150 downloads.

Spring Stories from Apples and Honey Press

We have a beautiful new crop of Spring books from our new venture, Apples and Honey Press! And for each one we have created a companion educator page to help you use stories effectively in your community.

Just in Time for Planning Next Year!

Our newest educational materials for students in grades 4 and up guide them on a personal exploration of their world and lives through a Jewish lens, and give them a chance to reflect on those experiences in deep and meaningful ways. 

Meet Lisa Levine: A Featured Hebrew in Harmony Musician

Hebrew in Harmony—the new prayer curriculum for 4th-6th graders—features music from today's top Jewish musicians. This is the first in an occasional series profiling some of these talented artists.

Nine Questions (and a Free Card Game) to Help You Get Beyond the Ten Plagues This Passover

Frogs are a safe, useful, and age-appropriate way to introduce very young children to some of the themes and rituals of Passover. As our children grow older, however, we want to move beyond a focus on these elements to help them develop a deeper understanding of not only the story of Passover, but the values we can discover in its themes.

A New View on the Four Children

The Gateways Haggadah welcomes families with children of all abilities to a Passover celebration that is accessible for the whole family.

Choose the Perfect Haggadah

How is this haggadah different from all others?

The Kids Books You Want for Passover

Whether you want to create anticipation for Passover among your youngest family members and friends or you're looking for just the right afikomen gift, here are some terrific ideas for you.

No Wireless for Online Hebrew Practice? No Problem.

Want children to practice Hebrew but the wifi in your building is, um, spotty at best?  The Shalom Hebrew OLC App provides a reliable way to learn decoding, Hebrew letters, vowels, and keywords—on any device. Designed as a universal app, it can be used on any PC or Mac desktop; laptops; tablets; or smartphones. Now students can practice Hebrew at home, school or on the go – on any device!

Educator Spotlight: Top 10 Tips for Using the OLC

Cheryl Epstein, assistant director of education at Congregation B'nai Israel in Boca Raton, Florida, introduced the Online Learning Center to her school in 2012. In the years since, her 500 students have made huge strides in Hebrew as a result.

Get to Know Hebrew in Harmony

You’ve heard the buzz about the new prayer-through-music curriculum, Hebrew in Harmony. Want to know more? Join us for the 40-minute introductory webinar, "Introduction to Hebrew in Harmony," Wednesday, April 13, 1 pm EST Topics Covered: Overview of the program and prayers included The benefits of teaching through music The target learners

We've Made the OLC Easier to Use

  More than 525 educators and 3500 students have logged in this year to teach and learn online. The Behrman House Online Learning Center is about to enter its fourth year, and we continue to make improvements to make it the best—and easiest—year ever for students, teachers, and education directors. At the same time, our commitment to children's safety and privacy online is simply unparalleled.  Here are some of the changes we have made to make the OLC work better for you:

Hebrew Learning + Music = Fun

It’s been a long day of secular academics, and yet your arriving students are soon dancing, smiling, and singing in Hebrew.  They’re comparing prayer melodies and moving to the rhythm, engaged and lively.

There's Still Time to Save on Haggadot

There's just one week left to save on Passover haggadot! Now through March 31, take an extra five percent off on haggadot, on top of your regular discounts, and get free shipping* on orders of 50 books or more! You can mix and match any of the titles below to get to 50 books.  Haggadah Sale Titles Include:

NJ Educators Preview Hebrew in Harmony

New Jersey educators got a sneak peek of the soon-to-be-released Hebrew in Harmony program on Wednesday morning. We hosted more than 20 educators to introduce them to the prayer program, which will be officially released in early April.

Measuring Student Progress

Standardized tests have been a hot topic for parents, teachers, and policymakers for years. Is there a better way to measure our students' progress? The answer is yes! Here are seven skills that standardized tests should be measuring, according to noted psychologist Susan Engel in a recent Boston Globe piece. 

Teach Israel

Experience Modern Israel

New from Behrman House. Fly to Israel without a plane ticket.

Discover Israel

Let's Discover Israel

Offer younger children an exciting and age-appropriate introduction to the Jewish homeland